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This will Help To Teach How To Do PhytoZon Demo's

No Help for demo's try this:

To check my balance,  I took a couple of 5 lb hand weights that I sometimes carry when walking, held them in one hand, and tried to do some overhead lifts and other motions while standing on one foot.

To check flexibility, I sat on the floor, legs apart, and did stretches like you would do near the end of a yoga class, leaning forward over each leg to stretch and reach your feet, etc.
Then I took my first Phytozon capsule.
The after on the stretching was noticeable, but the balance difference was profound.
 That is puzzling to me how a nutritional supplement can effect balance so profoundly, so quickly.
In my lifetime of being a "Health Food Nut" and using major nutritional supplementation from them best sources I never seen anything with such immediate results. Amazing!
Thanks for sharing, Gerry

Here is a great example of a testimonial from a demonstration done by Russell:

I went on a one on one with a woman, she only weights 114 pounds.
As we were preparing to talk business she was getting some snacks ready and told me how hard it was for her to open the Ziploc packages, I did not pay attention till later.

We did the EMF test with the cell phone and I was able to pull her arm down with only two fingers.
I am 6 foot and weight 235 lbs and I very easily tilted her off balance.
We discussed the program and the product, but before that I gave her one pill, which she took with water.
After about 30 minutes I tested her again.
When she put the phone to her ear, I pulled on her arm with my two fingers, arm did not budge, next I gripped her wrist with my hand and pulled down and only moved her arm an inch or two, wow.
Then I tried to pull her off balance, she did not budge, I was so amazed and so was she.
She then suggested that we do it again and I did with a lot more force and she still did not budge!
So being me, I did it a third time and even put one foot off the floor to put all my weight that I could, it was so powerful I even hurt my shoulder a little bit, she still did not budge!
Then she went back to opening the zip loc bags with no effort.
Now I am totally committed to telling the world about this and seeing is believing.
Great job Russell, it's experiences like this that encourage everyone to share this amazing product!

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